Albanese supports the terrorist state of Israel. I will vote NO!


Summary: The Australian government led by the labour party is a hypocrite government supporting the terror state of genocide and apartheid of Israel. All Australian Muslims stand firm and strong with the rights of the Palestinian people. A government that supports the killing of our brothers and sisters will not get any of our votes.

I would like to acknowledge the Gadigal of the Eora Nation, the traditional custodians of this land and pay my respects to their Elders both past and present.

Anthony Albanese and his labour party are pushing people to vote “YES” for a constitutional referendum which is presumably an excuse for the crimes and atrocities their ancestors committed against the aboriginal people who lived peacefully on the lands that we now call Australia.

His party now wants to set a precedent by inserting a race-based chapter in the constitution. This is a backdoor in the constitution that they can use to cook up any laws that they deem to be “matters relating to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples”.

As a matter of fact, I don’t trust any government with a backdoor like this and particularly this government. This is an extremely hypocrite government that claims to want to protect the rights of the aboriginals and apologize to them, supports Ukraine against the Russian invasion. All the while, it extends support to an apartheid and terrorist nation that does not and should not exist.

The terrorist and racist state of Israel resulted from the illegal occupation of the Arab Palestinian lands and committed genocide and crimes against the traditional custodians and has been kicking people out of their homes and their ancestral and sacred lands. They held the people of Gaza captive and deprived them from all their human rights. If you dare highlight those crimes, you get labeled as antisemitic and Nazi. The only reason, this terrorist state exists is that they own an immense amount of money and the own the media and they are very good at playing victim.


If the labour party is indeed the angels they claim to be and they want to protect the rights of the aboriginal people of Australia, why do they support a blood-thirsty nation that stole a country from its traditional custodians and is committing the same crimes right now? A terrorist nation that continues to build illegal settlements on lands they don’t own and ignores all the warnings they receive even from their allies that want to keep face in front of their people so they don’t reveal their ugly double standard while singing the cliché song of human rights.


On 09/10/2023, Hundreds of free and brave Australians rallied to show support and solidarity for the free people of Palestine, link. Albanese, at the same time, lit the Opera house in support of the terrorist state of Israel and had the audacity to ask the free Australian people who rallied for freedom and justice to cancel their rally. Albanese and his labour party are a group of hypocrites but they are foolish hypocrites. They simply don’t know that if there is one thing that unites all Muslims, all Arabs and all the free people of the world, it is their support for the oppressed people of Palestine and their hate for the crime against humanity that is Israel.

Albanese, You are a hypocrite and I will always vote against your party and against any cause they support as long as you support the apartheid and genocide state that should never exist.